In order to meet your specific needs, a special date, event or a corporate gift, My Cha will create an entirely personalized tailor made infusion, pot-pourri or herbal mix, right down to the design details.
We create a mixture of plants, flavors, and graphic design to define for this particular infusion, your very own herbal mix.

A few examples for inspiration

  • A luxury hotel in Courchevel was looking for a special treat that clients could enjoy after a day of skiing: the bath infusion was born
  • This Princess asked for a tea that would capture the scent of her citrus garden, to serve to her guests
  • A Parisian Palace wants a pot-pourri as a natural olfactory signature in the rooms
  • This couple getting married in a lavender field designed a special gift for their guest
  • … How about your dream? We would be delighted to create it, just e-mail us!